The voyage itinerary of La Luna includes Marmaris, Göcek, Bodrum, Datça bays, the best destinations to explore the beautiful Turkish coasts.
Between the pristine nature and the turquoise sea, where woodlands almost reach the glistening water's edge, you'll find yourself admiring the scenic views of many forms of marine life in Turkey.

Gökova Bay

  • Located between Bodrum and Datça peninsula, Gökova Bay is often described as the paradise on earth.
  • Gökova Bay is one of the favorite tour route destinations with its pine-scented forests, deep blue sea and lush nature.

Adaboğazı Bay

  • Adaboğazı Bay, a place of untouched paradise with its rare beauty, is an invaluable experience.
  • Swimming in the crystal clear sea, against the unique view, Adaboğazı is the reflection of the natural beauties in Bodrum of the sparkling Aegean sea.

Island of Camellia

  • There are many places to visit on the island of Camellia, which was a settlement in ancient times. Hundreds of years old olive trees, the historical monastery is a must-see destination. Diving enthusiasts who want to see the fish in the sea up close can bring goggles and snorkels and see the wonderful depths of the sea.

Sedir Island

  • Sedir Island is known as Cleopatra Island. It got its name from the cedar trees that used to be abundant on the island. Every bay and beach of the island, which is 16 km away from Marmaris, is beautiful, but Cleopatra beach is something else.

    According to the local myths, Cleopatra had these sands specially brought from North Africa at the time and the sands have survived to the present day. The sands are so special that the surrounding of the beach is protected.

Butterfly Valley

  • Butterfly Valley, one of Turkey's most famous bays, is an untouched nature with 350 meters high mountains, 9 km from Ölüdeniz, where there is no access by land. There are many kinds of butterflies in the valley, and it has been declared a first-degree protected area in the category of endemic butterflies. To see the rare butterflies in the valley you will have to go a little further, but the view you will see is worth it. There is a 50 m waterfall pouring into the Mediterranean in the valley.


  • Fethiye's world-famous beach Ölüdeniz has always kept its place in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ölüdeniz, a natural wonder where green and blue meet, got its name from the fact that its water is as smooth as a sheet. If you want to spend your voyage swimming in glassy waters, doing water sports, paragliding, or watching, you should add Ölüdeniz to your route.

Lindos Bay

  • Lindos Bay, which has a picturesque view surrounded by pine trees, is a natural wonder located near the Hisaronu Gulf. The bay is located in the east of Datça. Having land access makes the bay more attractive. You can swim in the turquoise blue waters all day long, enjoy the sun, and breathe in the oxygen of the lush pine forests. If you want to spend moments where you can relax your soul away from the gray and dust of the big cities you live in, you should add Lindos Bay to your route.

Aquarium Cove

  • Aquarium Cove and Beach, one of the coves with the clearest and cleanest sea in Didim, is one of the spots frequented by boat tours. It is possible to see the bottom of the sea in the aquarium bay. Because of this feature, you can observe a variety of fish while swimming in the bay, which is called Aquarium, and you can have information about the underwater vegetation. Aquarium is an impressive Bay with a unique visual that combines dark blue and green. You can swim on the beach formed after the trees and experience a natural escape in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Dirsekbükü Bay

  • Hisarönü Dirsekbükü Bay, located in the southwest of Hisarönü Bay, is one of the most sheltered and largest bays of Marmaris. It is located just south of Cape Agil and continues to the west in the form of a boot. The bay, which has no land access, is so untouched and calm that no sound can be heard other than the sounds of birds and waves. You can sunbathe and enjoy the sun all day on the beach on the south side of the bay, and then cool off in the deep blue waters.

Sarsala Bay

  • Sarsala Bay, located 15 km from Dalaman, fascinates those who see it with its untouched natural beauties, turquoise color and fine sandy beach. Since there is no residential area in the bay, daily excursions are organized. The bay is so sheltered, it is also known for its warm water that makes it possible to swim in the sea even in February in some years. Its calmness, silence and shelter are reasons in itself for being a frequent destination for boats.